2iC-Care: Caring for the Future

Should care leaders think beyond 2025?

January 25, 2023 Richard Keyse Season 1 Episode 2
2iC-Care: Caring for the Future
Should care leaders think beyond 2025?
Show Notes

Host: Richard Keyse

Guest: Ben Wiegand

The UK care sector is going digital in 2025. Many care providers are still reliant on analogue to deliver their service and how current care obligations and service levels will be maintained during the transition to digital is an understandable concern. Luckily, there are many sources of information and assistance which can help to navigate the digital switchover. 


Currently, this trepidation about the digital shift can prevent some care leaders from stepping back and seeing the opportunities presented by the analogue to digital-transition to future-proof their service.  In this episode, Ben Wiegand, an expert in health and care innovation, educates Richard Keyse on how care leaders can think about innovation and why care leaders should think beyond 2025. 


With an ageing population, the care sector will face other, possibly bigger, problems in the future. The analogue to digital transition is an opportunity to implement technology, today, that will give the care sector the flexibility to respond to the challenges of tomorrow and truly push the sector from a reactive care model to a fully proactive care service. 

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